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SewSeam - Stitching Business

SewSeam, a sewing enterprise based in the UK, commissioned CodsMine to develop and enhance their website for mobile responsiveness.

Poppadom - Restaurant

Poppadom is a restaurant business located in Sligo, Ireland. CodsMine was tasked to redesign their website into more professional and responsive website.

LightStorePk - Lighting Business

LightStorePk, a company specializing in lighting solutions, was established to incorporate lighting systems in various settings.
trusty consulter

Trusty Consulter

Streamline Expert Connections with Trusty Consulter, Crafted by CodsMine, Bridging the gap between seekers and experts, one tap at a time.

Retail Store POS

Introducing Retail Store POS, your comprehensive solution for seamless point-of-sale management, expertly crafted by TenzSoft.

Sales CRM

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and hello to streamlined sales with CodsMine's Sales CRM. Manage your entire sales pipeline from lead to customer, automate tasks, and watch your profits grow like magic!

Progressive Farmer

Progressive Farmer, your all-in-one agricultural management system built for success. Track fertilization, log field data, and analyze performance, all in one easy-to-use platform.

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